Saturday, August 3, 2013

Doctor Twilight - Indiegogo perk spotlight: The Crystal Fractal Universe handbook

As you might know if you hang around this blog a little bit, we've recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to complete our Doctor Twilight graphic novel. We've amassed a list of great perks for fans, and we want to start featuring them on our pages so you get a better idea -- as contributors -- what you're getting from us.

While you can pre-order the Doctor Twilight graphic novel with the lower end perks, at the $99 level we're offering six exclusive, first edition hardcover Crystal Fractal Universe handbooks that will detail the genesis of the universe, how it has developed, and will be anchored artwork, concept art, character histories and profiles of the Crystal Fractal Comics team. The special edition 20-page book will provide all of the background you could ever need to understand the Crystal Fractal Universe, which to this point we've only ever alluded to in the history comic short featuring Master Ilonus in The Crossing #1. 

In addition to the history book, you'll also secure a hardcover edition of the Doctor Twilight: The Heart of Vitthar graphic novel, only otherwise available at the $36 level, two signed/sketched print comics from our archives of your choosing (using the special, CFC-signature outside back cover sketch area), and a very special thank you for your commitment in the graphic novel. 

This is isn't the only perk we have available, so please check out our campaign page where you can simply pre-order the graphic novel in either TPB or hardcover formats, pick up a number of CFC comic value packs in either print or digital editions, or if you simply would like to chip in $2, we'll show our appreciation by sending you a free comic from our archives in addition to thanking you in the graphic novel. 

You can check out our campaign page by clicking the link below: 

Indiegogo - Doctor Twilight: The Heart of Vitthar graphic novel

And please don't forget, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter too! Thanks!


Friday, August 2, 2013

New Indiegogo campaign launch - Doctor Twilight: The Heart of Vitthar graphic novel

The Crystal Fractal Comics IndieGoGo campaign is now live! Show your support for our Doctor Twilight comic and film projects by sharing us, retweeting us, and as always, if you have any questions we'll be happy to chat and answer them.

Above is the introductory video featuring CFC Publisher Derrek Lennox, where he explains a little more about the Crystal Fractal Universe and our Indiegogo campaign. We have a ton of awesome perks, which we're planning to feature over the  course of the campaign on Facebook, on Twitter, and here.

Please check out our campaign page and share it with your friends. If you'd like to sample the Crystal Fractal Universe, we have a number of low-costed perks available such as the $2 perk which nets you a free comic and a simple thank you in the graphic novel, as well as $5 digital comic perks, a $12 sketch/signature combo pack, while you can also pre-order the Doctor Twilight graphic novel in trade paperback.

Thank you for your continued support, we really appreciate it!


Friday, June 7, 2013

Dr. Twilight Video Short Casting Call!...and in other news.

Yes, it's been far too long between updates over the last few months. We apologize for that and thank everyone for continuing to stop by.

Derrek and I do have some updates for you though, which I'm sure you'll rather content with if you're fan of Crystal Fractal Comics, or have followed the Dr. Twilight stories to this point.

So right off the bat I guess, I suppose we should address the short film that Derrek has put a casting call out for. You read all of the details here, but we're finally ready to move ahead and shoot a 6-minute action short featuring the characters from Dr. Twilight! The short is going to be directed by longtime CFC supporter Vincent Galvez with shooting set for two days this coming August. We've got some good feedback on Dr. Twilight in the past, so we're excited at the prospect of seeing his story in live-action.

The casting call itself is for four characters: Dr. Twilight, Reza and Taci -- characters from Dr. Twilight -- and then Hedwig, otherwise known as Leviathan, the antagonist of the Crystal Fractal Universe. If you're interested or want to pass along our casting call to a friend, once again here's the link:

Dr. Twilight 6-minute short casting call 

In other news, we're working on our first set of graphic novels, which is something we're really excited about. It's been much too long between releases, but in that time Derrek and I have both sort of acknowledged that collected editions is where the independent market is going. With that said, we have two collections planned: Dr. Twilight Vol. 1 and The Crossing Vol. 1.

Dr. Twilight will feature two stories that we've previously released as individual issues -- Crystal Fractal Universe #0 and Dr. Twilight #1. While those should be very familiar to you, you can expect a fair amount of new material for our sci-fi, fantasy comic epic. First foremost, the second part of Jeff Haas' arc will be included -- which we've been holding back on publishing since early 2013. Haas two-parter introduces the world to Dr. Twilight, and Dr. Twilight to the modern world. Set 500 years from "The Crossing," the story concludes the first part of his quest to find his daughter and undo the mistake he made in Baguio, Philippines, in 1596. You can also expect the "Zero Issue" seven page story of "The Crossing" itself. In addition to 47 odd pages of story, we're going to be including an additional short story from CFU #0, which is actually a different take on some of the scenes from Dr. Twilight #1. While we're still working out the details for the rest of the issue, we may just meet up with Magus Rex and Velvet Angel, Dr. Twilight's daughter, at some point.

Our second prospective TPB will hopefully come together  soon, and it's one I've been pushing to release for some time. We all love context, understanding what something is and how it relates to the larger scope. That's what this book is. The Crossing Vol. 1 would feature all of the original "Crossing" shorts from the first two issues of the floppy comics -- organized chronologically so the reading order makes sense -- in addition to the stories we've been previewing with Dino Caruso and Daniel Panero Bertucci at the creative helm. That's over 70 pages of content right now, including the conclusion to Dino and Daniel's Magic story.

We're still developing these and getting everything in place, so stay tuned to this blog, our Facebook and on Twitter for the latest.