Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Crystal Fractal Comics appearing at Toronto Comic Con

Howdy everyone!

We know it's been some time since our last update, but we just wanted to let everyone know that we'll be appearing on the Hobbystar Toronto Comic Con on March 9. I'll be there alongside CFC and Toronto-based comic book creator Dino Caruso, who has contributed to both issues of The Crossing, and has scripted stories that will appear in upcoming issues of the series.

We're going to be set up at table A55 inside Artist Alley, and we'll have all of our books available for purchase. Dino is also going to have all of his books on sale, including Acts of Violence, Against the Wall and Survival Stories.

All of our books will be on sale for $5, and with each book purchase your name will be added to our supporters list set to appear inside the pages of the Redorik graphic novel. No matter your purchase, we'll also throw in a bonus copy of Crystal Fractal Universe #0. We're also going to be taking advanced orders for the trade, and by committing to supporting the trade you'll get a preview copy of Redorik #1, another one of our comics of your choice, and a special digital version of The Crossing -- featuring all of the stories that have appeared inside the Crossing title, each arranged chronologically. Your support will get all this, plus digital and print editions of the Redorik trade when we publish it.

We'll also be selling combo packs of books, giving you the chance to pick up any three of our titles for $10.

Be sure to stop on by and say hello. Dino and I will be glad to chat with you about all things comics!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New 'Crossing #3' pages from Daniel!

Last week we caught up and chatted with "The Crossing" artist Daniel Panero Bertucci, and this week we have some new pages from Daniel for the forthcoming third issue of The Crossing!

The third issue of one of our flagship books will feature two new stories from Dino Caruso set within the 1560s and will focus on the main characters of the CFU while they're still in school. Dino and Daniel's Magic stories have appeared in the first two issues of the book, and this third issue will round out our early introductions to the principal characters of the Crystal Fractal Universe!

These images are some of the last pages from the "Elizabeth Arrives" story, a short comic introducing the ever conniving Elizabeth Windsor into the little cabal of magic practitioners Ilonus began in order to preserve the balance of the world's mystical portals. As you can see from the pages, her arrival hardly goes smoothly. Enjoy!

In this page Natanael and the boys find themselves in a fair bit of trouble after the previous page, where one of the character's over zealousness resulted in a demon finding its way into their dimension. Thinking quickly, they erect a defensive shield while trying to plot their next move.

Luckily for the children, Master Ilonus arrives in a nick of time, sending the poor ghoul packing to the dimensional wasteland he came from.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Crystal Fractals Q&A: Daniel Panero Bertucci

The Crossing artist Daniel Panero.
Since the first issue of The Crossing, we've been able to sit and watch Daniel Panero Bertucci develop as an artist. From his first Magic story in issue one, to his contributions in the second issue, all the way through his current work in the forthcoming third issue, Daniel's style and talents seem to be ever improving. With The Crossing #3 close to release, we caught up with Daniel for his thoughts on his style, his work with Crystal Fractal Comics, his creative partner in (comic book) crime Dino Caruso, his other projects and his thoughts on the Crystal Fractal Universe as a whole.
Andrew Ardizzi: It's been nearly two years since we checked in with you, your first interview with Dino having appeared on our blog way back in February 2011. A lot has happened in our neck of the woods since then, but how have you been? What have you been up to?

Daniel Panero Bertucci: I have been busy with work obligations and working on new pages whenever I get the chance to do so. I have also been following with interest the CFC news and updates through the newsletter and social media. It’s a great way to keep us connected and reach out to the readers!

AA: When you and Dino chatted, it came at a time when we had released the first issue of The Crossing several months before, while the second issue was still about eight months away from being finished. Looking back almost three years later on that first book, what are your thoughts on yours and Dino's entries in issue one?

DPB: I enjoyed the opportunity of creating environments and characters for which there had been no previous visual reference. Being from Spain, I liked the fact that the action took place in Castile, but at the same time, that put some pressure on me because I wanted to be up to the task of representing the setting accurately.  I had to do some research on the historic period, which is something that I kept doing for the previous stories and also those I am currently working on. As I am getting more familiar with the time period, it becomes easier for me to create a coherent, realistic universe. Overall, although there are things that I would have done differently now, I am pleased with my work on the first book, also because it marked my first collaboration with Dino and with CFC. On a different note, I must mention Mae Hao´s superb coloring work.

The Crossing #1 cover by Alisson Borges.
AA: Much of the first Magic story focused on getting readers familiarized with the main characters -- their younger selves anyway -- and sort of rounding out the foundation of the Crystal Fractal Universe. Visually, what did you try and convey to readers with Dino's script?

DPB: I like the fact that the story is set centuries ago. I think that setting and the action in the past worked very well with these kinds of stories and the fantasy genre in general. For me, it was important to convey the action in a realistic and believable way, so that the reader would be as involved reading these stories as when he or she deals with the adult versions of the characters.

AA: One of the touches that leaps out on the second page of Magic 101 is the smaller inset panel of a stoic Natanael that gives way as the scene pulls back to reveal Natanael is hanging on every word of his teacher's lesson. It's very simple, but nicely nuanced because it hits home with who the character is. How did you go about composing that page? I feel it's very readable, in that it's easy for your eye to follow the smaller panel to the shot of Natanael sitting at his desk, then following his gaze to Ilonus.

DPB: Thank you. I just followed the indications on Dino´s script regarding the character´s attitude.  And as for the composition goes, I opted for a larger panel so that I would be able to include a detailed background and a greater number of characters. This big panel allows me to introduce many new characters to the reader for the first time. I like doing panels like this once in a while.  They're both fun to draw and help to highlight some key moments in the story.